Reduce your Anxiety so you can live with freedom and choice.

How hard is it carrying around the heavy burden of anxiety every day of your life?  Are you exhausted?

​Are your thoughts driving you crazy?  Have you had enough of anxiety ruling your life?

Actually, these are all pretty rhetorical questions because I know that's exactly what's happening.

What if you didn't feel embarrassed, awkward, anxious or panic about situations, places, people and life?

How wonderful that would be?  Having anxiety doesn't have to be a life sentence, it's just easier to avoid

the things that make us anxious. When I say 'easier to avoid' I don't mean easy, I mean it's the lesser

of two evils. Given the choice of a "maximum emotional and physical overload situation" versus "avoiding and

missing out on doing something", well I know which one I'd pick more often!

​There is a way to beat anxiety at it's own game.  You may not think of your anxiety as a game, but believe me

it is, and more often than not anxiety is the winner. It uses every trick in the book to suck you into playing

by it's rules, but I have a few tricks of my own up my sleeve!

Anxiety is normal, everyone experiences it - just in differing degrees.  Our reactions to a perceived threat  cause our bodies to perform in a certain way in order to protect us from harm.

This is as much of a good thing ​as it is a bad thing.  We can fuel our anxiety by letting worry rule our thoughts, emotions and actions. Worry is also a big part of anxiety and our decision

making process. We think..... then over-think..... then re-think...... again and again and again causing doubt and destruction in our minds while not making a decision or choice at all.

To help your decision making process easier I've developed a "Decision Maker' tool which you can access for FREE here. I know it helped me so I'm positive it will help you. It can be used in

varying situations for all types of decisions.

We all deserve to be happy and if your anxiety is making you unhappy, please please find the courage and take steps toward changing that.

As humans we do not have to be ruled by our past or learned beliefs. Anxiety is maintained by our current beliefs and attitudes, our current emotions and our current   behaviours.

The great news is these things are changeable regardless of our past.

Knowledge alone is not enough. The keys to long-lasting change are through challenging our attitudes, discovering and exploring the unknown and experimenting with new actions. 

If you are someone who needs a helping hand, support, or to be kept accountable;  then anxiety coaching is a great way to help you discover what living an anxiety-less life feels like once again.

A life in which you make choices you never thought you could and do things you only previously dreamed of.

​Want to know more? Join us for a FREE one hour webinar, gain some tips on how to develop the new anxiety-less you.

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is the power to chose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom".
​    Victor E. Frankl

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